Withdrawal Policy

Withdrawal policy for the Al Haqeeqah:

  • Withdrawal Deadline: Authors may withdraw their papers from consideration for publication up to the acceptance deadline. After the acceptance deadline, papers may only be withdrawn for serious extenuating circumstances, such as the death of an author or a major funding loss.
  • Withdrawal Procedure: To withdraw a paper, the author(s) must submit a written request to the Editor-in-Chief. The request must include the following information:
    • The title of the paper
    • The author(s)' names
    • The reason for the withdrawal
  • Resubmission: Papers that are withdrawn may not be resubmitted to the Al Haqeeqah without the permission of the Editor-in-Chief.

Here are some examples of serious extenuating circumstances that may warrant a withdrawal after the acceptance deadline:

  • The death of an author
  • A major funding loss
  • A serious illness or disability of an author
  • A natural disaster that affects the author's ability to complete the paper

If you are considering withdrawing your paper from the Al Haqeeqah contact the Editor-in-Chief for more information.