Copyright and Publishing Rights

Copyright and publishing rights for the Al Haqeeqah:

  • Copyright: The authors retain the copyright to their articles, but grant Al Haqeeqah a non-exclusive license to publish the articles in the journal.
  • Permissions: Authors are responsible for obtaining permission from third parties to reproduce any copyrighted material in their articles.
  • Reprints: Authors may reprint their articles in other publications, but they must cite Al Haqeeqah as the original publisher.
  • Self-archiving: Authors may self-archive their articles in their personal or institutional repositories, but they must also deposit a copy of the article in Al Haqeeqah's repository.
  • Open access: Al Haqeeqah is an open access journal, which means that all articles are freely available to read, download, and share.

The following additional terms and conditions apply:

  • Al Haqeeqah reserves the right to edit, adapt, or translate articles for publication.
  • Al Haqeeqah may use articles for promotional purposes, such as on its website or in social media.
  • Al Haqeeqah may not use articles for commercial purposes without the authors' permission.

Authors who submit their articles to Al Haqeeqah agree to these terms and conditions.

Here are some specific examples of how these terms and conditions might apply:

  • If an author wants to reprint their article in a book, they would need to obtain permission from the publisher of the book.
  • If an author wants to self-archive their article in their personal or institutional repository, they would need to include a link to the article in Al Haqeeqah's repository.
  • If Al Haqeeqah wants to use an article for promotional purposes, they would need to get the author's permission first.