Paper Prints Policy

Paper prints policy for Al Haqeeqah:

Paper Prints Policy

The Al Haqeeqah is committed to providing high-quality research publications that are accessible to a wide audience. As such, we have a paper prints policy that ensures that all accepted papers are made available in print and electronic formats.

Printed copies

The Al Haqeeqah will print a limited number of hard copies of each issue. These copies will be made available to libraries, research institutions, and other interested parties. The cost of the printed copies will be covered by the authors' publication charges.

Electronic copies

The Al Haqeeqah will also make all accepted papers available in electronic format. These copies will be freely accessible to anyone who wishes to download them. The electronic copies will be hosted on the Al Haqeeqah website and on other major academic databases.

Authors' rights

The authors of all papers published in the Al Haqeeqah retain the copyright to their work. However, by submitting their papers to the journal, the authors agree to the following terms:

  • The authors grant the Al Haqeeqah the right to publish their papers in print and electronic formats.
  • The authors agree that the Al Haqeeqah may make their papers available to third parties, such as libraries and research institutions.
  • The authors agree that the Al Haqeeqah may charge a fee for the printed copies of their papers.

Changes to the policy

The Al Haqeeqah reserves the right to change this policy at any time. Any changes to the policy will be announced in the journal's website and in other relevant channels.